COMANTIC is about a group with two distinguished sections, one dedicated to the sale and decorating of the period furniture and another one dedicated to the buying and selling of castles.

Our old furniture, comes from castles in France. Old furniture is basically from Louis XV, Empire, Rococů, Bulle style. After the looting which took place in the French Revolution in castles, palaces, etc, most of the old furniture was burnt and the one which remained, costs astronomical prices.

Our old furniture is economical because it is made after their original period and thatís why it is in good state or with little restoration. We sell both, retail and wholesale and in our shop we have got, apart from old furniture, a wide range of old decoration articles as lamps, frames, candelabras, etc.

Regarding the castles, after their buy we count on a big restoring team who is in charge of recovering the splendor which those castles had at the beginning. There are castles for small investor or for real-estate big group. There are castles which turn into hotels, apartments, etc. Thatís why, after reorganizing the castles we have a great stock of old furniture.

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